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I’m a young professional with a passion for keeping our planet as green as possible. With a four year background in cleaning, dealing with toxic chemicals not only impacted my health but also the wellness of those I was cleaning for so I decided to start this business to tackle those issues.

The products I’m using are all plant-based, eco-friendly products that deliver the same results as shop bought products, they are, however, kinder to the environment and to the surfaces they are used on. On top of this, they are fragranced with essential oils which leave a much calmer and overall lovelier scent than what you'd be left with  when using supermarket bleach and cleaners. I am constantly experimenting using new materials and ingredients to find even better ways to get the most out of these healthy, ethical and natural products. Read about an example of natural cleaning using vinegar here.

Throughout my life, it has always been essential that I work within ethical guidelines that I am passionate about. I struggled to attain these while working for larger UK cleaning companies so I took it upon myself to start my own cleaning company using only 100% non-toxic, natural cleaning products; designed to care for your home and your health. Using purely eco-friendly, plant-based products, we turn homes into sanctuaries.

For any questions at all, please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. Every single cleaning job I take on is different and everyone has different needs, so a free quote for the job will be agreed between both parties beforehand. Just drop me a message using the form below. 

We are now operating in Bristol as well as Cambridge - to see if your area is covered by our services please get in touch.


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